The University of Phoenix Online is perhaps one of the best-known of all of the online universities. It has a good reputation, and dozens of programs from which to choose.

The University of Phoenix Online (oft-misspelled as the University of Pheonix Online) offers degrees in Business, Technology, Health Care, Education, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In addition, they offer a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, and several doctoral level programs, including Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Doctor of Management in Information Systems and Technology, and Doctor of Health Administration.

The University of Phoenix Online was, according to them, one of the very first online universities to be accredited, and all of their programs today are fully accredited. Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix today has over 17,000 instructors, 170 campuses, and Internet delivery worldwide. In addition to their regular programs, they are also set-up to work with both military and international students.

The University of Phoenix model is based primarily on a 3-year program for both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. While the majority of course work done with the University of Phoenix Online can be done from anywhere, on any computer, they have regularly scheduled online classes which you must ‘attend’, and you must also log in to their open discussion groups at least five times a week. Additionally, they do have a requirement that you attend in-person workshops at their campus in sessions which total about nineteen days over the course of a three year program (eight days the first year, three days the second year, and eight days the third year).

If this model seems like a bit too much work to you, it is important to remember that the University of Phoenix Online is considered one of the premiere online universities, and that they are accredited and have an outstanding reputation.