Those looking to earn their undergraduate or graduate degree online may find just what they are looking for with the online learning degree program at Arizona State University (ASU). With all of the classes being available by video, and self-paced coursework, students can learn at any time, from anywhere that is convenient for them. Through ASU’s online distance learning program, a graduate or undergraduate degree is available to anyone who can find the time in between their busy work and family schedules.

ASU is the biggest public university in the United States, with around 70,000 students enrolled yearly. ASU was founded in 1885 and offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees within its four campuses. Their Tempe campus is ASU’s original campus and is where all of ASU’s sports facilities are housed; their West campus and focuses on arts and sciences; as well as business; their Polytechnic campus focuses on technology and innovation,; and their Downtown Phoenix campus focuses on nursing, journalism and criminology.

Students can expect to spend about 6 hours per week for every credit they take, which is a great way for busy online students to properly schedule how many classes they take in order to set themselves up for success. Microsoft Office, PDF, iWork and Google Docs are just some of the tools that students use to complete class assignments, presentations, and to collaborate with other classmates when working on group projects. Classes are virtually attended via video, and can be done at the student’s leisure.

Some of their 27 undergraduate degree programs include:

  • BA Art History
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies
  • BA in Business Communications
  • BS Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • BS Engineering Management
  • BA in English
  • BA in Film and Media Studies
  • BA or BS in Political Science
  • BS in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

Some of their 30 graduate degree programs include:

  • Master of Advanced Study American Media and Popular Culture
  • Doctor of Behavioral Health
  • Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching and Learning, Autism Spectrum Focus
  • Master of Science in Engineering Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Advanced Study Sustainable Tourism

To learn more about the online learning degree program at Arizona State University, visit their website.