For students who need to finish the degree program that they already started, but are unable to attend classes due to a busy schedule, the External Degree Program from Washington Adventist University in Maryland offers online distance learning options to help students reach their goals. With correspondence courses offered via online and printed material, students can complete their coursework at any time that is convenient for them. Through online means, students can access their lesson material, speak with classmates and faculty, and even submit their coursework.

Washington Adventist University (WAU) is based in Takoma Park, Maryland. It is a Seventh-day Adventist liberal arts university, and it offers Associate and Bachelor’s degrees, and an assortment of certificate programs. It also offers a few graduate programs that include Masters of Nursing with Business Leadership, Masters in Public Administration, Masters of Religion, and Masters in Psychology. Established in 1904 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the sprawling campus takes up 19 acres and boasts 17 buildings. Students are not required to be Seventh-day Adventists, but this is a faith-based college.

The program options available at WAU for online distance learners include:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s of Science or Arts in General Studies
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor’s of Arts Religion
  • Bachelor’s of Arts Theology
  • Associates of Arts or Science in General Studies

Students also have the option of obtaining a Minor in Business Administration or Psychology.

The online distance learning program through WAU is for students who have already started a schooling program either with WAU, or another accredited university. WAU will accept transfer credits from other universities to apply towards a degree with WAU, so long as the last 30 credit hours are taken through WAU.

To learn more about the online distance learning program through WAU, visit their website.