For those looking to obtain their graduate degree through distance learning, California-based Dominican University offers a web-based distance online learning program so that students can earn their graduate degree around their busy schedule. Dominican University’s integrated online distance learning program offers several learning options to help and support students through their learning journey.

Dominican University is a private college located in San Rafael, California. While its heritage is Catholic, it is a co-ed school and its not an actual Catholic University. Therefore, it is not a requirement that students practice Catholicism in order to be admitted as a student. Dominican University was founded in 1890 and so is one of the oldest universities in the state of California. It is a small school, with a student body of 2,270 students, and an average class size of 16 students. Dominican has four schools: Education and Counseling Psychology, Business and Leadership, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health and Natural Sciences.

Unlike some universities with online distance learning programs, Dominican University does all that they can to make sure that online students truly feel like a part of the university. They welcome their online students on to campus at any time they wish, online students are welcome to walk with their graduating class, and the diplomas of online students are no different than those of the on-campus students. Online students are viewed as no different than any other Dominican University student.

The Dominican University online distance learning program offers a virtual classroom that includes streaming video lectures, message boards, and online chat rooms. The Dominican University professors offer virtual office hours to ensure that students feel supported and that they are getting all that they can out of their online education. Students also have access to the Dominican University online library with 1,000 periodicals and newspapers, 210,000 volumes and 100,000 federal government documents. To learn more about the Dominican University online learning program, visit their website.