The United States Army offers an extensive correspondence course program known as the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP). This Army distance learning program features the curriculum delivered at the Army service schools but does so without the need for becoming a formal resident at an Army training site school. Eligibility for the ACCP includes any active Army personnel, Army Reserve, National Guard, DA Civilian, Retired Army, and Army guests.

One of the most fundamental of options of Army correspondence courses is that of developing officer training. There are three parts to the Noncommissioned Officer Education System or NCOES. First, the program serves as a road map for career development by providing the basis for progressive attainment of military skills. The program also recognizes that civilian education achievements are often a goal for those doing correspondence work so there is a clear sense that the program should lead to the attainment of at least an Associates Degree. Lastly, the program focuses on both military and civilian education, providing a series of courses that support skill building in both the military and civilian area.

Two primary leadership subject courses form the basis for rank improvement. The first course is targeted for soldiers who are ready to attend the Primary Leadership Development Course sequence and covers a multitude of subjects such as math skills, reading comprehension/study methods/management and writing mechanics/composition. A second course is available for those students ready to attend the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) program sequence. This leadership course contains lessons on communications, behavioral sciences, and briefings/visual presentations.

Access to all aspects of the Army Correspondence Course Programs are available online at Registration is extremely easy as users may create an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) userid and password for ongoing access to the latest in course offerings.

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