Distance learning horticulture programs are an excellent way to learn more about horticulture in a format that works around your schedule. Horticulture is the science of cultivating plants. Horticulturists work in the areas of cultivation, crop production, plant breeding and plant physiology. The plants with which horticulturists work include fruits, nuts, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Horticulturists are key to managing crop yield as well as issues prohibiting a bountiful yield such as disease, insects and other environmental stresses.

Cornell University has a well known distance learning horticulture program that offers a variety of classes. Cornell University is one of the most prestigious and oldest colleges in America. Founded in 1865, Cornell’s expansive campus boasts 260 major buildings on 745 acres. Cornell’s Department of Horticulture has a faculty that includes over 40 horticulture professionals working across New York State, working closely with the community and state officials to manage horticulture issues on a state and global level.

The distance learning horticulture program through Cornell is web-based, which will give you flexibility in your learning endeavors regardless of your other responsibilities, such as work or a family. Dr. Ken Mudge, developer of Cornell’s distance learning horticulture program, designed it to be integrated with practical, hands-on experience. He felt this was the best way to learn the field, so expect to have some sort of personal gardening experience in conjunction with your online learning. How to go about that differs by individual, so is something that should be discussed with the instructor.

Most courses in Cornell’s distance learning horticulture program last between 6 to 10 weeks, and you can expect an array of learning options such as online lectures, virtual field trips and virtual class discussions. Because this is a distance learning program, you can log-in at any time during the week that is convenient for you to participate in the weekly discussion. Each week will contain a discussion of a different topic ranging from organic gardening to botanical illustrations.

For more information about the distance learning horticulture program through Cornell, please visit their website.